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The sensational Simbu-Nayantara love affair may be a thing of the past for the media. But it seems to have got a new vigour now - photos featuring hot hugs and sweet smooches between the pair have come out. A few months ago, rumors spread that Simbu and Nayantara were in love. And as evidences proved, many intimate stills featuring the pair were released. Finally, it was said that there is nothing between them and all that intimacy was just a promo for the movie 'Vallavan'. But, from Simbu’s side, the agony has come out as a movie 'Kettavan', which depicts a guy who turns baddie out of disappointment and lost love. Whatever it may be, the new erotic stills of Simbu and Nayantara seem to suggest a secret affair between them! Hot and happening actress of South Cinema Nayantara filed a police complaint alleging that her rivals are circulating a fake MMS clip reportedly showing her in a ‘private’ pose with Tamil actor Simbu. Nayantara was rumoured to be romantically linked with Simbu a couple of years ago but parted from him due to differences. Now she keeps her far away from the actor, sources close to the actress said. According to sources, the allegedly morphed MMS clip took its origin in Tiruchi, and has been widely circulated since then. In this clip, some of the hot and private postures of Nayantara and Simbu have displayed. It can be recalled that a few months ago, the famous lip lock scenes of Simbu - Nayan also circulated by some anonymous ‘person’ and the same have been published in media.